Business Bundles

Build a business with MonsterShop.

Our bundles contain everything you’ll need to create a box fresh heat pressing business.

Every child or adult knows the frustration of forgetting the batteries on Christmas day. There’s nothing worse than getting a new piece of equipment and having to wait to use it, so buy a bundle and start making personalised products right away.

Whether it’s producing your own branded items or starting a personalisation business, we have a bundle that contains the specifics you’ll need to get started right away.

Our bundles contain different combinations of vinyl cutters, sublimation heat presses, sublimation paper, t-shirts, plates, mugs and baseball caps, iPhone cases, vinyl cutting software, printers and sign vinyl.

All of our bundles are covered by the MonsterShop warranty, so if anything goes wrong, we’ll replace or repair them for free.

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  • Choose your heat press
  • Printer & sublimation cartridges
  • Create personalised merchandise
  • FREE sublimation paper & heat tape