T-Shirt Heat Press Machines

Start your t-shirt printing business today!

Print incredible quality images onto t-shirts that will come out consistently well with our clam and swing heat presses.

Our selection of premium sublimation t-shirt presses will create amazing unique garments, allowing hobbyists, professionals and budding t-shirt company owners to create amazing designs.

Sublimation heat pressing is a super easy-to-use method of t-shirt printing that uses the heat and pressure to create reliable, beautiful prints.

Our clam swing heat presses are CE approved and come with a host of safety features, including a circuit breaker button and heat resistant sheathing on all the major control wires.

All of our t-shirt heat presses come with our 12 month Monster warranty, so you can enjoy a long future of top notch t-shirts.

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  • PixMax 50cm Clam Heat Press
  • Inkjet printer & sublimation cartridges
  • Create personalised merchandise
  • FREE sublimation paper & heat tape