Commercial Planetary Food Mixer / Spiral Mixer - 20L

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  • 20 litre bowl capacity
  • Gear driven with 3 speeds
  • Includes 3 attachments
  • FREE dough scraper

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Get Your Bake On With A Commercial Mixer

You can’t beat homemade bread and cakes. Just imagine that mouth watering smell of freshly baked cakes or bread as you open the oven door… So why buy baked goods from the wholesaler or supermarket when you can perfect your own (soon to be famous) recipes and save money along the way – plus the customers will love it!

The easiest way to prepare such delicious food is with an electric stand mixer. Saving time and effort, just fill with ingredients and set the mixing speed to perfectly combine everything in a flash – forget kneading, mixing or beating by hand.

KuKoo Planetary Mixers

  • 20 litre capacity bowl
  • Removable stainless steel mixing bowl is easy to clean
  • 3 mixing speeds to get each recipe just right
  • Gear-driven drive system
  • Safety bowl guard protects the agitator as it mixes and it also lifts up for full access to the bowl
  • Emergency safety stop button
  • Cast iron legs and pedestal give long lasting performance
  • Includes 3 different mixing attachments
  • FREE stainless steel dough scraper to clean the bowl after use or cut your dough into sections

Versatile Food Mixers

Each commercial planetary mixer comes with three different mixing attachments, which can each be used to perfectly mix a variety of food.

The spiral dough hook can be used to make delicious bread – first it combines the ingredients then it kneads the dough to develop the gluten, best for use at low speeds.

Whereas the beater (or paddle) is perfect for mixing cakes, batters or icing – as it creates a creaming action and consistently combines the ingredients, best for use on low to medium speeds.

Use the wire whisk (or whip) to incorporate air into liquid, great for making meringues, whipped cream or frosting – best for use at medium to high speeds.

With varying mixing speeds each mixing machine makes large scale or commercial food preparation a doddle for both chefs and bakers. Just don’t forget that many foods expand during mixing so be careful not to overfill the bowl or you might be cleaning up whipped cream from the floor!

Invest In A Durable Planetary Mixer

Both the legs and pedestal are made from strong cast iron and painted a classic silver colour, which gives each food mixer a stable base that is perfect for positioning on a work surface or table top.

Whilst the bowl guard and mixing bowl are made from stainless steel, which is both easy to clean and robust - great if you’re using with acidic foods like lemon juice or tomato sauce.

A food mixer like this is absolutely ideal for restaurants, hotels and catering businesses like bakers, sandwich bars, butches and delis.

With three different mixers available you can choose a mixer that’s perfect for you - take a look at the specifications for each one…


20L Planetary Mixer: as the largest machine it can hold up to 3 kg per mix, ideal for bakers or chefs working on a big scale.

  • Voltage: 220 V/ 50 Hz
  • Power: 1.1 kW
  • Speed Setting 1: 105 r/min
  • Speed Setting 2: 180 r/min
  • Speed Setting 3: 425 r/min
  • Capacity: 20 L
  • Weight Limit: 3 kg/Mix
  • Dimensions: 51.3cm W x 40.5cm D x 76.2cm H
  • Weight: 65 Kg
  • Plug: 13A, 3 Pin UK Plug
More Information
Weight 65.00kg
Depth 40.5cm
Width 51.3cm
Height 76.2cm
Product Weight 65
Colour White
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