Bain Maries

Keep food hot & tasty in a Bain Marie

Our range of wet & dry Bain Maries are ideal for any commercial kitchen or catering business.

Our KuKoo wet Bain Maries come in a variety of sizes, each contains a number of pans and a wet well, providing consistent heat and keeping your food moist.

Our KuKoo dry Bain Marie is great for more compact commercial kitchens where space is restricted. With two 1/4 pans it is ideal for keeping smaller batches of food warm, without a water well.

An ideal choice for use in restaurants, cafés, community centres or for special occasions, all our bain maries are perfect for warming food up or keeping food hot like gravy, curry, chilli, soup and porridge.

Each bain marie comes with removable pans, lids and stainless steel body makes all models super easy to clean, as well as simple to operate.

All KuKoo Bain Maries are CE approved, and come with our fantastic 12 month MonsterShop electrical warranty.

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  • 4 x removable ½ gastronorms
  • Wet well
  • 30-110ºC temperature range
  • Glass front panel & sneeze guard