PixMax Reusable Heat Resistant Teflon Sheet for Sublimation & Vinyl Heat Presses, 48cm x 58cm

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  • 48cm x 58cm
  • Heat pressing essential
  • Protect your platen

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Teflon Sheets For Heat Pressing

These quality Teflon Sheets are made from premium grade Teflon material and are the ideal size to fit most presses including our exclusive PixMax 38x38cm and 40x50cm Heat Presses. They are perfect for keeping your heat press clean and in good condition and the sheets themselves are easily cleaned so can be used time and time again.

Using Teflon Sheets also ensures that heat is evenly distributed during the heat transfer process and protects the heat press platen by creating a barrier between the platen and the sublimation paper or vinyl. These sheets stop residual build up of glue and ink on the platen which will enable you to concentrate on producing great looking designs rather than having to stop and clean the platen.

Let A Teflon Sheet Help You Out

A fairly common mistake, especially during busy periods, is placing the vinyl or sublimation paper under the press with the wrong side facing up. The design will be pressed directly onto the underside of the plate, which would need to be cleaned before pressing can be continued. Cleaning the platen is extremely difficult and time consuming but by using a Teflon Sheet you can be confident that, if this did happen, you could simply remove or replace the Teflon Sheet and continue with the pressing. No time lost, no garments ruined and no burnt fingers.

Our quality Teflon Sheets also keep the garment in place removing the need for heat tape and preventing the ghosting effect created by transfer paper sliding across the garment when the platen is lifted. You can also use an additional Teflon Sheet under garments to prevent sublimation inks from penetrating the rubber lower platen cover. We recommend that you use Teflon Sheets during sublimation and vinyl heat pressing as they will help you to produce better and more consistent designs faster - with less hassle and less waste.

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Weight 0.07kg
Product Weight 0.07
Depth 58cm
Width 48cm
Height 0.2cm
Listing Width 48cm
Material Teflon
Colour White
Brand PixMax
Manufacturer MonsterShop
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