MAXBLAST Automatic Commercial Hand Dryer

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Dry Your Hands In No Time

Save the planet, save time, and save getting soggy handprints on your trousers with the MAXBLAST commercial hand dryer.

It dries hands in no time at all, thanks to its extremely powerful heating element and impressive airflow rate of 120 metres per second, all for the bargain power consumption of just 550watts, making it both economical and efficient. To top it off, the Maxblast hand dryer looks super sleek with a high gloss stainless steel finish

The sensor starts the commercial hand dryer automatically when wet hands are in front of it, and turns them into dry hands in seconds. As soon as hands are removed from the hand dryer, it stops immediately, without wasting any excess power.

Commercial Hand Dryer

The noise level is another bonus at a polite 72db - about the same as the average vacuum cleaner - thanks to the MAXBLAST's fancy modern technology. You won't find many hand dryers this powerful at this bargain price that make this little noise, and the last thing you want when choosing a hand dryer is to pick one that can be heard from miles around.

Perfect for pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices, cinemas, theatres, gyms and anywhere else that needs an efficient, economical and hygienic commercial hand dryer that won't ruin the mood of your establishment with its volume levels.

We'll also include all the fixtures and fitting you need to mount the hand dryer, because we're nice like that.

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Weight 5.00kg
Product Weight 5
Depth 101cm
Width 29cm
Height 30.5cm
Listing Width 29cm
Material Stainless Steel
Colour Silver
Manufacturer MonsterShop
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