Marsden BMI Body Composition Scales

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All In One BMI Calculator

Take professional and accurate BMI body composition measurements with these helpfully slimline scales from Marsden.

They take up hardly any room in your drop-in centre, GP surgery or bariatric clinic, because they sit snugly in a corner until you need to use them, taking up the minimum amount of space.

But don't mistake their skinny stature for a lack of strength. These scales are robust enough to handle regular use, and even transportation.

Not only do they measure BMI body composition, but they also have a built-in height measure as well - double the measurements in one genius device.

You'll have no bother at all with the control interface, because it's conveniently placed and so simple to use, with the weight measurement information presented really clearly on a large display.

Weighing Scales & Height Measure

The platform can handle up to 300kg weight capacity, which will be enough for the vast majority of users, and the measurements have three functions including Tare, Hold and BMI. The scales are also Class III approved, which means they're suitable for the accurate monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of patients and users.

If you like, you can also get an optional high resolution printer for notes and data production. The thermal dot printer is for use with the MS-M-100 BMI body composition column scales, is high resolution, and offers you the option to print data including date, time, weight, height and BMI which is great for recording notes and providing the patient with a copy for their progress / records.

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Depth 46cm
Width 44cm
Height 124cm
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Colour White
Brand Marsden
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