Mardsen Digital Toddler Weighing Scales

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Weigh Toddlers On These Digital Scales

Toddlers are very demanding customers, and if they were ever remotely interested in buying their own weighing scales then these are the scales they'd be demanding.

These Class III approved toddler weighing scales are ideal for midwives and health visitors, because their classification means that the results can be used for monitoring, diagnosis and treatment purposes. They're also great for hospitals, GP surgeries, nurseries and anywhere else that requires a robust, accurate and hygienic weighing solution for wriggling toddlers.

It's not just toddlers who can be weighed with these scales, because they're also suitable for weighing babies. Their maximum weight capacity is 20kg, so they're suitable for the vast majority of toddlers.

The removable weighing pan fits securely in place and has contoured sides which gently cradle a baby safely in place. If your patient is a standing toddler, the weighing pan can quickly and easily be removed so that they can be weighed like a proper grown-up, which is of course what they'd prefer.

The functions include a hold function - great for locking measurements when the toddler is moving around - and a tare function which will enable you to deduct the weight of cushions, blankets or moses baskets for more accurate measurements.

These toddler scales are easy to clean and disinfect using standard hospital products and a solution of 1% sodium hypochlorite is suitable.

Toddler Scale Features

  • Lightweight 3.3kg weight for easy transportation
  • Battery operated so are perfect for professionals on the move such as midwives and health visitors
  • Secure weighing pan which can easily be removed so that they can feel like big boys and girls and be weighed accurately
  • Can be used on any solid level surface
  • Hold and tare functions
  • Class III approved
  • Large digital display
  • 12v 3 pin adapter included
  • Can be bought with a matching rucksack or carry case
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Weight 3.30kg
Product Weight 3.3
Depth 18cm
Width 58.5cm
Height 31cm
Listing Width 58.5cm
Colour White
Brand Marsden
Manufacturer MonsterShop
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