Mardsen Digital Baby Weighing Scales

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Ergonomic Baby Weighing Scales

Babies are pretty small and delicate, so you're going to need scales that offer ultimate precision, sturdiness and comfort if it's your business to weigh the little angels.

These portable baby weighing scales from Marsden are perfect for busy professionals like midwives and health visitors, because they're easy to carry around, accurate, and have a variety of functions that come in very handy when dealing with babies who aren't likely to hold still just because you ask them nicely.

The fancy new Picostrain technology in these baby weighing scales uses high precision time interval measurements to achieve a very long battery life and increased accuracy, so you can be completely confident in your measurements and the long-lasting nature of these excellent scales.

They have graduations of a tiny 2g, and the Class III approval, making them perfect for weighing babies in hospitals and neonatal / special care baby units because they've been engineered to provide accurate monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of your tiny patients.

The curved design holds the baby in place, and the baby weighing scales can sit on any solid level surface. The hold function is great for locking the measurement when weighing a moving patient, and a tare function means you can deduct the weight of cushions, blanket or moses baskets for more accurate weight measurements.

Easy to clean and disinfect using standard hospital products, these scales are the no-fuss weighing solution for dealing with tiny, fussy customers who need to be accurately weighed.

Baby Weighing Scale Features

  • 15kg weight capacity
  • Battery operated so are perfect for professionals on the move such as midwives and health visitors
  • Long battery life - 600+hrs
  • Low profile design that holds baby perfectly
  • Can be used on any solid level surface
  • Hold and tare functions for wriggly patients
  • Picostrain technology
  • Class III approved
  • Large digital display
  • Solid all in one unit so no need to remove weigh pan / baby tray
  • Can be bought with a matching rucksack or carry case
  • Warranty: 2 years
More Information
Weight 3.10kg
Product Weight 3.1
Depth 37cm
Width 59cm
Height 15cm
Listing Width 59cm
Colour White
Brand Marsden
Manufacturer MonsterShop
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