T-Mech Hand Held Banknote Counterfeit Detection Machine

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  • Counts one note at a time
  • GBP, USD and Euro
  • Makes 8 checks for authenticity
  • FREE UV security pen

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Fraud Checking Each Note Individually

If you have to process a lot of banknotes, you'll be familiar with that sinking feeling of losing count when you're counting by hand, and still not being quite sure you got it right by the time you've finished.

And as for finding out you've accidentally taken a fake note - that's even worse.

Solve both of those problems, and save yourself valuable time in the process, with this hand held banknote counting machine from T-Mech.

Reliable, easy to use and speedy, the counting machine picks up on fake GBP, USD and Euro notes accurately and at up to 100 notes per minute, protecting you from counterfeiting crime at the same time.

All you need to do is put each note into the machine, and let it count and check the money for you - that's all there is to it. No more uncertainty, no more counting by hand, and no more embarrassment, disappointment and hassle when you accidentally take a fake note to the bank or try to spend it somewhere else later.

The hand held banknote counting machine is compact, but full of great features, such as using eight different checks to make it 100% accurate when it comes to detecting fake money. If it finds a dud note, it beeps to let you know, and gives you an error reference icon on the clear LED display. You can also choose which side of the machine your notes are ejected from, which means you can set the machine up to fit your workspace perfectly.

With this hand held banknote counting machine from T-Mech you will receive a FREE counterfeit banknote detection pen and our 12 month electrical warranty.

Hand Held Banknote Counting Machine Features

  • Count multiple currencies - GBP, USD and Euro
  • Counts the number of each single denomination, for really precise record-keeping
  • 8 individual counterfeit detection checks which make it 100% accurate - UV, MG, MT, PD, IR plus size detection, length, width and thickness
  • Checks banknotes in just a fraction of a second
  • Detachable note output tray
  • Clear backlit LCD display
  • Display functions: value, currency, count batch and error icons
  • Standby power saving mode
  • External PC socket for software updates
  • 13amp 3 pin plug included
  • FREE counterfeit banknote detection pen
  • Full instructions
  • 12 month electrical warranty

Please note this item is not compatible with the new GBP £5.00 and £10.00 notes.

More Information
Weight 0.15kg
Depth 16cm
Width 13cm
Height 8cm
Listing Width 13cm
Material Plastic
Brand T-Mech
Product Weight 0.15
Colour Black
Manufacturer MonsterShop
Finish Laminated
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