FlexiSTARTER Sign Making Software (PixMax Edition)

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  • Vinyl cutter design software
  • Compatible with PixMax Vinyl Cutter
  • Easily create sign designs
  • Multi-language

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Get Cutting With This Vinyl Cutter Software

Add the brain to your vinyl cutter's brawn with this software package that will set your vinyl cutting operation on fire - metaphorically, of course.

If you're the proud owner of the incredible PixMax vinyl cutter then this sign making software package will give you the design power you need to add to your cutting power, and make you a creative force to be reckoned with.

Flexistarter (the latest PixMax edition) is a versatile and powerful text and graphic vinyl cutting and sign making software package that you can use with Windows operating systems to save yourself time and boost your productivity.

All the tools and features in Flexistarter are designed to give you a head start when it comes to making your end product look as professional as possible. For example, you can save time by saving different text and graphic styles, and also modifying and outputting files from other industry applications.

To say this is a professional text, graphics and sign making software package, it has an impressive entry level price tag and usability. In fact, we'd say it's one of the most powerful layout and output layout packages for vinyl cutting, with one of the easiest interfaces that you can tailor to have the look and feel of other software packages like SignLab, Omega, Adobe, CorelDraw and more.

You can only use this software with the PixMax vinyl cutter plotter and please note that it's not compatible with Mac or Windows XP.

The different languages in the package include: English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Hebrew, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Russia.

FlexiSTARTER Sign Making Software Features

  • Production
    Production Manager / Network Production / Receive Jobs from Local Computer / Receive Jobs from a network computer / Make Setup Active - Inactive / Setup Multiple Output Devices / Automatic Tiling / Manual Cut Tiling / Number of Copies/Copy Spacing / Mirror / Rotate in 90deg Increments / Scale by Percentage / Fit to Media / Output to LPT Port / Output to Network Port (TCP/IP) / Output to File / Desktop Printing / Desktop Printing - Scale to page / Desktop Printing - Tile large jobs
  • Design
    Design Central / Workspace Profiles / Snapping Commands / Measure Tool / Import Standard File Formats / Export Standard File / Formats/ Flexi 6 - 7 Import-Export / Casmate Import/Export / Context Menus / Undelete Items / Windows Version
  • Draw
    Rectangle / Oval / Dimensions - Labels / Guidelines / View-Select / Show Fills / Show Path / Direction / Zoom Tools
  • Objects
    Group Ð Ungroup - Ungroup all / Compound Ð Uncompound / Make - Release - Lock Guides / Convert to Outlines / Convert Stroke to Outlines / Convert Linked to Native / Path Direction / Order / Spacing / Rotate / Resize / Deskew Horizontal / Deskew Vertical / Duplicate
  • Cut/Plot
    Vinyl Cutting / Fill Plot / Registration Marks / Superior Weeding / Auto-trap
  • Colour
    Colour Mixer / Fill - Stroke Editor / Vinyl Colour Libraries / Find Closest Matching Colour / View Filter
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