Industrial Scales

Heavyweight champions.

Our range of industrial, precision and pallet weighing scales are OIML approved and can handle industrial standard loads.

Complete with an easy to operate LCD control interface, our industrial scales are as tough as they are accurate. Our industrial scales are all OIML approved, ensuring reliable, precise readings in both kg and lb.

We stock a range of robust pallet scales for weighing on an industrial scale. Able to handle an incredible 3000kg, our scales are favourites of import / export businesses, builders’ merchants, scrap yards and freight transport operations across the UK.

We also stock beam weight scales perfect for use in a warehouse, pallet trucks and pallet truck weighing scales. Our pallet scales boast over 70 hours of continuous use with a single charge of a rechargeable battery and a massive 2000kg capacity to an accuracy of 0.5kg.

Buy with confidence - all of our industrial quality scales come with free UK delivery and a 12 month MonsterShop warranty.

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  • 300kg weight capacity
  • 0.1kg increments
  • Stainless steel platform
  • Kg's or lb's
  • 2000kg weight capacity
  • Euro pallet compatible
  • Ideal for warehouses and factories