Our guide to Monsterlicious Lovin’!

Our guide to Monsterlicious Lovin’

Here’s something we’ve heard before: take the 2-for-1 label off and shove it in the oven, (they’ll never know!). Pop open the free bottle of Shiraz. Cutesy film or two and you’re away. A perfectly normal, ardently average Valentine’s Day evening. A uniquely usual occasion. A splendidly O.K. way of sharing the night with your dearest. Sure, it’s a nice evening… but it’s not very… Monster, is it?

Pull Out All The Stops

As Cupid dusts off the bow’s string for another year, we’ve been wondering about a certain phrase: pulling out all the stops. You know, doing your all on a special occasion, for somebody special, for a special reason. It made us think about the importance of creativity and innovation. Here’s what we’ve been imagining:

Vinyl Records

Just compiled a mixtape? Let’s add some flair to the evening and exhibit true style with the Retro Jukebox, with flashing rock ‘n’ roll lights and all. Or maybe you’re more of an established couple, past the days of mixtapes and love-letters? (Boo!). Maybe vinyl is your game. No sweat! The Vinyl Jukebox is perfect for this. Talk about ambient mood! What’ll you play? Clear a bit of space in your living room and have a little boogy, why don’t you?

Heart Shaped Pizza

Mm, all this dancing has us feeling hungry. What’s for tea? We’re thinking pizza! No. Homemade pizza! No. We’re thinking… super-delicious, homemade, stone-baked pizza! And loveheart-shaped, please! The Outdoor Pizza Oven is supremely adept at handling all things pizza. Fancy a few nibbles on the side? This triples up as a BBQ and smoker, so explore your culinary creativity with some tasty sides.

Red Wine

But what’s to drink? Well, Romeo/Juliet. We don’t think there’s much more of a tasteful, enchanting gleam than a bottle of red wine. It’s just a shame it’s so… readily available. Hardly unique, is it? But wait! Why not make your own? With the Fruit Crusher and Fruit Press, you can make your own wine or cider, and oodles of it, too. Just don’t drink it all at once, hey! Ah, this is shaping up to be a magical night. Simply sublime.

Sublimation Mugs

Wait… the gifts! Chocolates or flowers just won’t cut it, too mainstream, not at all in keeping with your efforts thus far! We need something uniquely you, specially made or designed for your partner. Speaking of the sublime, how about these supreme Sublimation Presses to imprint onto a phone case, or even a mug. Get your soppiest photos out and press away for a lasting im-press-ion. Get it? Hey! Hey? Aaanyway…

So you’re all set. Authentic, personalised music. Delicious, homemade food and drink. Original, creatively-crafted gifts. You cute, little Monster, you! It takes us back to the time we were little Monsters, flirting with our dearly beloveds under the moonlight at… wait, enough of all that! Ahem.

Before we go, there’s just one thing we’d like to mention, and it’s for all you couples out there thinking of, you know, tying the knot. All the products we mentioned can be used and re-used practically ad infinitum. There’s just no end to how much fun you can get out of them. And if you’re looking to tie that knot firmer than ever, we have something just for you.

Our Candy Floss Machine makes clouds of heavenly delight whilst our Popcorn Machine pings out little balls of love, salty or sweet. Just follow the rule, mind: kids first, adults last. All of our products could well be the fingerprint, that preliminary mark, that first step into a lifetime of Monsterlicious lovin’, so what are you waiting for? Pull out all the stops!