Top 5 Uses For DIY Air Compressors

Air compressors on their own sound pretty boring right? Sure they've got a 2.5HP motor and deliver air displacement of 9.5CFM, but attaching a useful air tool and coiled hose brings this machine to life!

Swap your favourite DIY tool for an air tool and you'll soon see what all the fuss over electric air compressors is all about.

Faster, cheaper and lighter than battery powered or manual tools, there's no competing with air compressor tools which will transform your lengthy DIY projects into an absolute doddle.

Want to know how investing in one can save you money and precious time? Here's a countdown of the top 5 most popular uses for portable air compressors at home.


5) Inflating sports equipment



Is the kids favourite ball looking a little deflated? Kicking a flat football or trying to bounce a flat basketball isn’t going to win the game – so keep inflated equipment like footballs, rugby balls, basketballs, volleyballs and bicycle tyres working as they should using the correct needle and inflator attachment.

Best for: Sports fans, schools, gyms and sports teams.


4) Cleaning with an air blower tool

Get fast precision cleaning for small gaps or nooks and crannies with a nifty air blowing gun. Perfect for cleaning up the workshop or garage after a busy day, because the air can reach where other cleaning tools can’t!

Best for: Cleaning dust, liquid or loose debris like sawdust in a workshop or garage.


3) DIY car repairs



If you’re the kind of person who could easily fix most car problems, but just don’t have the powerful garage tools for the job – then investing in an air compressor could save you money on loads of expensive repairs. Air ratchet tools can be used on gear boxes or rusty wheel nuts and tyre inflator attachments are so much faster than the foot pump or driving to the nearest petrol station.

Best for: Anyone who knows how to fix a car.


2) Using a nail gun



Pneumatic nail guns are lighter and cheaper than battery powered nail tools, so you’ll save money and muscle power. Plus air pressure will last longer than battery power so you can keep nailing all day long. Still hammering nails in? Nail guns are so much faster than using the classic hammer, giving you more time to stand back and admire your fine craftsmanship.

Best for: Crafts, woodwork and carpentry.


1) Spray painting

 Spray Painting Using Air Compressor



Using a spray gun is perfect to get that job looking professional and brush mark free. Not only is it a lot faster than painting by hand, you’ll get a smooth and even finish that can only come from a spray painting gun. You could save thousands, especially if you’re repainting the kitchen cabinets, which can cost a bomb to replace. Even if it’s just small jobs like radiators or fences, most paints can be thinned to the ideal consistency for spray painting; including gloss, emulsion, varnish and acrylics.

Best for: Home projects, crafts and upcycling.


See you can use your air compressor for all sorts, and the list doesn't end there (these are just some of our favourites). Plenty of air tools can be attached to an electric air compressor to speed up your DIY at home or work like drills, cutting tools and sanders.



Just remember that before buying an air compressor you should consider what tools you’re going to use with it and how often you plan on using it. 

Avid DIY-ers who use a lot of cordless tools will be happy to know that air tools last a lot longer, so you can complete that job a lot faster using an electric air compressor. If you plan on using it for loads of projects, consider an air compressor with a high air displacement above 10CFM. However occasional users looking to use a compressor for more simple tasks like basic woodwork or inflating tyres and sports equipment, should look at smaller portable compressors.