The Ultimate Guide to Badge Making: Design it, cut it, pin it

For hobbyists and professionals alike, create bespoke designs for schools and clubs, hen nights, corporate events or just for your friends. With the PixMax badge press bundles you'll be pressing every design you can possibly imagine!

Design It

Begin by creating your design - either by hand or if you're a whizz on the computer you can knock up a funky design.

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From basic designs to complex and creative, make sure you create your design on standard printer paper using 80 to 100gsm. (Avoid using photopaper as the design will be too rigid.)

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Make sure you leave excess space around your design, which will wrap around the edge


Cut It

Use the badge cutter to trim your design to the perfect size, simply slide the design into the top of the cuter, line up with the hole and pull the lever to cut a perfect circle.

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Pin It

Now we're ready to press! It takes just three simple steps to make your badge pin...

1. Layer the metal badge front, your design then the clear mylar disc (all facing upwards), pull down the handle and release. The press will retain the badge.
2. Side the plate over to the opposite side and insert the badge back with the blank face towards you.
3. Pull down the arm to complete the pressing of your badge pin.

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Raising the arm after the final press will release the badge and voila, your done!


Not just for badges, but mirrors too!

With the PixMax 58mm press you can make pretty pocket mirrors. Pressed in the just same way yet with a mirrored back they make perfect gifts and ideal for personalising wedding favours.

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Need some Pin-spiration?

Check out our Pinterest board of fabulous pins to get your creative ideas flowing.

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With free next day delivery to the UK when you order by 2pm, you could be using the PixMax Badge Press tomorrow. Happy pinning!