Dining Outside Like a Pro!

Rattan Dining Set

The Perfect Outside Dinner Party Experience!

Summer may be behind us now, but this doesn’t mean that the festivities have to end here! Throwing an outdoor garden party is the highlight of Autumn for many of us- there is nothing better than gathering around the table and dining al fresco with your friends and family on a balmy Autumn evening in the shade, toasting to great things and spending some well-deserved time relaxing. As the hotter days are behind us, Autumn is the perfect month to organise a gathering and enjoy the cooler weather.

To help you reign supreme when it comes to organizing an unforgettable outdoor dining event, we have compiled a list of important things to remember when putting together the perfect garden party to be a cut above the rest!

Of course, the most important element to consider is your seating plan – as usual, we have got you covered! Our Jardí Rattan Dining Set can seat up to 9 people and is the perfect seating option for a large group. So, why not bring over the whole family for an evening of fun-filled festivities?

Wine Glasses

Comfy Seating

For the ultimate summer party, no details must go unplanned! This also applies to the comfort level provided for your guests. For optimum seating and to keep everyone happy, make sure that you have snug cushions for everyone to enjoy. Our premium Rattan Dining Set offers cosy cushions that take comfort to another level. Take if from us - you can easily settle into this dining set for hours on end while you spend the evening chatting away!


Don’t Forget the Guests!

Depending on what level of formality you are aiming for, it may be a good idea to send out some cute, handmade invitations to your guests- of course, if this is just a small family event, then it’s probably just best to pick up the phone and give them a ring! Regardless, a few subtle touches like handmade invitations could be just the trick to wow your prospective audience and start your dinner party right!

Dinner Party

When your guests arrive, why not arrange some decorative place names for them – this might be more suitable for a group of friends that may not necessarily know each other very well. Whatever your audience, get creative with it – you can even get the kids involved with this quick and easy DIY craft and keep them out of the kitchen!

Luxurious Lighting

As the sun goes down and the stars begin to come out, make sure that you are prepared to maintain the mellow ambience with some soft lighting to keep the party going. Keep your guests entranced by the magical evening atmosphere with some minimalist outdoor string lighting that can be weaved in and out of trees. This will instantly light up your garden and turn it into to a nighttime wonderland! If you are moving this dinner party indoors to your dining area at any point, make sure that you have some equally ambient mood-lighting prepared – our range of Pendant Pulley Lights create a rich, rustic feel to any room and are guaranteed to attract compliments.

Pulley Light

Set the Table!

For ample seating and dining space, we recommend our spacious Jardí Rattan Garden Set available in a range of colours to match your personal style! This outstanding seating set is guaranteed to impress and has enough space for up to 9 of your friends or family for that perfect evening together. With the free rain cover we have included, it’s easy to leave the dining set outside all year round until you can uncover it once again in better weather and start up the dinner parties!

Food for Thought

In terms of grub, serving up some classic sizzling burgers and chips with a nice garden salad will never get any complaints from your guests! Why not go the extra mile this Autumn and try our Hog Roast, specially brought to you by KuKoo.

This addition to your garden party will help you perfect the art of creating mouth-watering burgers and serve up enough delicious food to feed an army- and then some! Leftovers are also always a welcome treat for the next day as you can make delectable sandwiches with any uneaten BBQ meat! Depending on how much you are planning to serve, this helpful Hog Roast is available in two different sizes, either the 60kg or 90kg model. This is the perfect addition to any Autumn outdoor BBQ and these appetising burgers will guarantee that your guests always come back for more!

Pulled Pork

For a dessert that requires minimal effort, grab a helping hand from us with our Planetary Food Mixers and blend together the ingredients for cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats – it’s always important to save some room for dessert, especially when they are appetizing homemade delights! With a 20-litre bowl capacity, keeping your guests satisfied with enough cake won’t be a problem this Autumn.

Cake Mixture

Ice Ice Baby!

While the Autumn season is still suitably warm and toasty, our KuKoo Commercial Food Blenders won’t go amiss amongst your partygoers! Instead of sweating the day away, grab some fresh ingredients and blitz to perfection to create dreamy, sumptuous smoothies and thick, mouthwatering shakes to enjoy outside. This is also perfect if any kids will be attending your garden party- keep them distracted with delicious fruity milkshakes to give the adults some well-deserved peace and quiet!

Chocolate Milkshake

If you want to amp up the chill factor, why not treat yourself to our KuKoo Ice Machine – easily produce up to 2,304 ice cubes in 24 hours and store up to a whopping 11.5kg of ice for your next outdoor dinner party. Add to your freshly made smoothies and other beverages for an instant icy effect. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, why not whip up some classic cocktails, add ice as needed and spread some merriment amongst your guests? In our opinion, there is nothing that comes close to enjoying a long island iced tea or mojito in the autumn shade with good company!

Orange Drink

As we approach the end of our list, we hope that you have been inspired to create the perfect atmosphere at your next Autumn dinner party! Here at Monster, we want to ensure that you have the right tools for the job to ensure that your dinner party preparations run smoothly, so that enjoying great food, drink and fabulous company become top priorities. So, make the most of this Autumn and plan a catch-up over dinner that is probably long overdue!