Make your own burgers

Make your own burgers

Food blogger and celebrity chef Chris Blackburn is a huge fan of the KuKoo meat grinder. Chris is the reigning UK Yorkshire Pudding champion and star of ITV's Food Glorious Food. You can watch him making mincemeat using a blend of brisket and blade in the Kukoo Meat Grinder. With the simple addition of a few ingredients he turns mince in to delicious burgers.

5 Star Yorkshire Rating

There's nothing quite like the taste of a juicy, homemade burger that's cooked on a barbecue. You can adjust the flavour to your liking by adding herbs, spices or your own secret ingredients. On Chris' food blog - Yorkshire Pudd - he opts for a classic beef pattie. Served in a toasted brioche bun with a good strong cheddar, iceburg lettuce, 2 rashes of streaky bacon, a slice of beef tomato, quality mayonnaise and burger sauce.

Classic beef pattie

Classic Burger Recipe

600g Beef brisket
400g Beef blade
Salt and pepper to taste

1) Grind brisket and beef blade using the KuKoo meat grinder using the medium blade. In a bowl combine mince, with a good pinch of salt and pepper and mix well.

2) Shape into burgers, ensuring they are compacted so they hold their shape. Pop in the fridge and allow to rest for 10 minutes.

3) Get your barbecue to optimum temperature or pre-heat your frying pan and add the meat. Allow to brown on ether side and ensure it is cooked in the middle.

Homemade burgers and sausages

Follow our top 6 tips for perfect burgers every time

1. Choose your meat

Your burger should remain juicy so avoid going too lean otherwise you will lose some of the taste!

2. Flavours & Seasoning

Add fresh or dried herbs and spices to bring your burger to life. A classic hamburger is great with the addition of dijon mustard to boost the taste. For Spanish flavours add chorizo and smoked paprika to pork mince... Divine! If you feel like been super-fancy then fill your burger with a melt-in-the-middle pocket of cheese - we love the flavours of lamb and feta or beef with blue cheese. Don't forget to season your burger - always season with salt afterwards otherwise you'll draw out the moisture during mixing.

3. Bind It

If you're using a leaner meat or adding onions or chillies to your mix then add a handful of breadcrumbs and a beaten egg to combine the burger together.

4. Chill Out Time

Once you've shaped the burgers, give them time to chill out in the fridge - doing this will help them keep their shape during cooking.

5. Let's get cooking!

Now the tough decision - to BBQ, grill or fry? Ensure your burger is cooked thoroughly (you can always use a meat thermometer if you're unsure). Cook for 5-6 minutes each side for medium and for well done 8-9 minutes either side.

6. Eat it!

Now enjoy... Don't forget to add your gherkins (love them, or hate them), juicy tomato and a squeeze of sauce.... We're drooling over here!

Sizzling Burgers on BBQ

The KuKoo Meat Grinder is only £64.99 and comes with Free next day delivery when you order before 2pm Monday to Thursday. Just imagine... you could be firing up the barbecue this weekend and enjoying mouth-watering burgers! Mmmmm!