Storage Secrets: How to Set Up the Perfect Stockroom

Your stockroom is one of the most important elements of your business – make the most of it.

A well organised stockroom will make your operations run smoother, and there’s plenty you can do to make sure it’s as streamlined as possible.

Create a Mini Office Area

While the purpose of your stockroom is, of course, stock – there’s still plenty of times where you’ll need to sit down and take notes, speak to employees and organise documents within this space. Set up a space with a place for a computer or desk to place laptops, add some fold away chairs and pack in as much folder and paperwork shelving as you can.

Decorate Your Stockroom

This may sound like unusual advice, but don’t don’t let your stockroom become drab and mundane. After all, you and your staff will be spending a long time in there – so why not liven it up! Decorate with engaging colours and even paintings to inject some vitality into your stockroom and shun grey space.

Get Racking With A Long Shelf Life

The old adage – buy cheap, buy twice – is especially true with stockroom racking. Invest in the best racking available and it will last a long time, saving you big money and the disruption of having to replace your units in the future. We stock two key stockroom racking types:


A super easy, keyhole locking mechanism means you’ll have these storage units built in minutes. Able to support a massive 200kg per shelf, all our Q-Rax racking units are covered in four coats of tough paint, so they’ll stay looking in tip top condition even with considerable use.


Available in 4 different sizes, our T-Rax shelving units are perfect for a stockroom that deals with extremely heavy stock. They can support a humongous amount of weight (up to 280kg) and are finished with 4 layers of robust powder coated paint.

Get A Really Big Notice Board

Notice boards can be used for a whole bunch of things – from letting all of your staff know your weekly target, spreading important messages about holidays or new policies, or just letting staff post messages and flyers that might interest other employees. Get a large noticeboard and put it next to the stockroom exit so everyone reads any important notices you place there on their way home.


Confusion over what stock is – or where it is – can be the main time drain when working in a stockroom. That’s why a standardised and comprehensive labelling strategy is vital. While many staff members may know where things like "returns” or “damaged items” go, it’s useful to make big signs for each area that mention specifically what belongs in each section. This will help everyone remember and be especially useful for new starters.

Stay Ship Shape

Packaging and shipping is a major focus for most businesses, especially those who sell online. Keep your packaging space tidy and have a wide range of tape, boxes, envelopes and packaging materials organised in well titled boxes, perhaps using a colour coded system to make it even easier to package up your goods in a hurry.