Get in the Mix: How to Mix Perfect Cement at Home

We explain how to get the best cement from your T-Mech Electric Cement Mixer.

Mixing concrete should be simple; it’s just water, sand and cement mix after all. But there’s a few techniques to get a reliable cement with perfect consistency at home. Getting the right ratio of water, sand, and cement, combined with using the correct tools and keeping safe is the the key to perfect cement.

Cement Safety Gear

As with all home DIY projects, keeping yourself safe is the utmost priority. Mixing cement can put your skin and eyes at risk, so always wear:

  • Rubber work boots
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Trousers
  • Safety glasses
  • Face mask that covers mouth and nose

It’s also vital to ensure your mixer is properly braced on its wheels so there’s no risk of it falling over.

Organise Your Mixing Space

To start, it’s important to organise your mixing area so you can easily access all of the components – cement, sand and water. Keep your bags of sand and cement near your mixer, with a wheelbarrow to put your cement away once it’s mixed. Always try to fill your wheelbarrow so it’s heaviest directly above the wheel, as this will make it easier to move.

Always put Water in First

Water needs to be added first, so the sand and cement you add later won’t stick to sides of your cement mixer. Add the water with a hose or bucket but don’t overfill; it’s easier to add more water as you mix but impossible to remove excess water from your mix.

Perfect Ratio

Now you can add the portions of sand and cement. The ratio will depend on what purpose the cement is being created for. Consult your cement bag for further information.

Keep adding shovels of each until you reach a thick but malleable consistency. Make sure your cement isn’t too soupy, as cement mixed with too much water is less strong and more prone to cracking.

The opposite is also problematic, as mixing cement using too little water means the particles of sand and cement won’t mix together, so won’t form an effective blend. When you are happy with the consistency and appearance of the cement, place your wheelbarrow close to avoid spillages and tip the cement into the wheelbarrow.

How To Clean Your Cement Mixer

To clean your cement mixer after use, empty the barrel as much as you can, then you put a couple of shovels of gravel and follow with 3 gallons of water. Leave it mixing for about 10-15 minutes. Now empty the mixer and fill with water until the mixer is clean.