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Your Ultimate Guide to Using a Raised Planter Like a Pro.

With the British summertime well and truly here, it’s time to make the most of that greenery outside and discover the ergonomic and versatile power of a raised planter! Here at Monster, we think it’s a fabulous idea to get outside and try something new in this sunny (although sometimes questionable!) weather. Whether you are an advanced black-belt gardening guru or a complete novice who rarely gets a glimpse of the great outdoors, a raised garden planter can be just the thing to practice some ever-useful gardening skills and surprise yourself with what you can really do!

From being an efficient, closed system for maximising plant and veggie yield to storing up to 1600 litres of soil, our MonsterShop Steel Flower Planters are multi-functional and sturdy flower beds which are carefully crafted from galvanized and corrugated steel and ready to help you achieve amazing things with your gardening space! Here we have highlighted just a few quick benefits and uses of installing a MonsterShop Raised Flower Beds in your garden.


Perhaps you have been thinking of getting healthier this summer or would like to move towards home-grown produce- whatever the reason, get out there and cultivate your own veggies- it’s not only healthier, but it’s a great way to bring the whole family together! At MonsterShop, all your fruit and veggie needs are covered with our raised vegetable and flower planters!

Yummy Fruits and Veggies All Year Round!

This is probably the greatest benefit of owning a raised flower bed- they are ultimately a low-maintenance and user-friendly option for those who don’t want to invest too much time in creating the ideal condition for growing delicious veggies on demand! By deciding the type and mixture of soil to be used in advance, both beginners and experts can control the type of soil used in their flower beds and grow mouth-watering produce in no time at all! For example, veggies such as carrots, which are stubbornly difficult to grow, thrive in these brilliant garden beds.

Fruit and Veggies

Studies have also shown that raised flower beds produce a higher yield than more conventional methods of growing fruit and veg, and the space used is also minimal and easy to keep tidy- no need to turn your entire garden into a vegetable patch!

The list of possibilities is endless, but you can try a few of the following options to begin with:
Fresh fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.
Delicious veggies, such as onions, tomatoes and root vegetables.
Decorative small shrubs and bushes.

Another amazing perk of these incredible Raised Beds is the fact that no-one will be walking all over your beloved produce. Perhaps you have kids or pets which love to run around outdoors, leaving no part of the ground untrampled! With our 1600 Litre MonsterShop Flower Beds, that’s no longer an issue, as the raised nature of the item prevents any traffic from reaching it and ultimately, from damaging the soil. The raised sides of the garden bed also act as a fortress against any critters looking to get into your planter and munch on your goodies! Gone are the days of checking on the progress of your veggies and finding them suspiciously full of holes!

Steel Planter

Turn Your Garden into a Flowering Paradise!

Make your neighbors green with envy by carefully cultivating beautiful selections of flowers and proudly displaying them in our comfy Monster Steel Flower Planter - the benefits are truly endless! By containing your ‘mini garden’ environment in one of our planters, you can effectively limit the number of weeds and any other nasty species that can get into your precious flower bed and destroy months of work. Best of all, as weeds are unlikely to make their homes inside your flowerbed, you can avoid using fertiliser, ensuring a chemical free environment.

Purple Flowers

This closed system is also a great solution for containing all the essential nutrients required for plant growth and preventing any escape from the soil – also known as ‘run-off’ in gardening terms. As the planter has a solid bottom, all that good stuff won’t have anywhere to go and will provide plants with everything they need.

Healthy Plants and Healthy Owners!

Not only do raised planters bring wholesome benefits to the plants being grown in the flower bed, but they are an excellent low-maintenance option as previously mentioned. For those who have back and/or joint problems, our Steel Corrugated Garden Beds provide an excellent raised platform to do the gardening and don’t require straining over a flower bed that is normally installed low onto the ground.


Great and Galvanized!

There are many planters out there and sometimes the selection can be confusing for many gardeners just starting out in the world of raised flower beds. Fortunately, we can let you know which material comes highly recommended for this project!

There are many sources that exist out there which suggest using wood for your garden bed, and although this may be a cheaper and conveniently sourced material, many types of wood are treated beforehand with harmful chemicals or require treatment further down the line after purchase – this may cause chemical ‘spills’ into your soil and affect whatever is growing.

Other options such as mortared stone or cinderblocks are a heavy material and could generally be difficult to work with – mortared stone especially require a lot of investment and the labor costs could be substantial. Plus, it’s not a very good option if you have existing back problems!


So that leaves us with steel, a material which is easily procured, and which is becoming increasingly popular with gardeners looking to create a sleek and modern look in their garden! Steel flower beds are all the range and won’t break the bank. For an easy option, why not try one of our very own Corrugated Steel Raised Flower Beds? All you have to do is find the perfect spot in your garden!

Steel Planter

The Fun Doesn’t Have to End Here!

Given that our planters arrive flat-packed, you don’t have to worry about building your own raised flower beds from scratch- this means you will have more time left to figure out the important things, such as the soil mixture, what you will be growing and when you will be eating it!

To go alongside our practical and easy-to-use MonsterShop Raised Flower Beds, we highly recommend our MonsterShop Foldable Garden Cart for some extra helping hands around the garden and to easily transport your veggies or plants to your new planter! With an easy collapsible design and a mighty storage capacity, you can turn gardening into a light, effortless activity.

If you have a wonderful selection of greenhouse plants already, but are getting short on space, our Greenhouse Waterproof Racks are here to make your life easier and to create that extra space that your plants have been craving.

Happy Gardening!

Find out more about our amazing Flower Beds here and maybe even grab one for yourself this summer! Reach out to us with the fabulous ways you organised your MonsterShop Raised Garden Bed – we are always keen to see what our creative readers are up to!

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