Essential Guide To Racking

Essential Guide To Racking & Shelving

Welcome to all you clean freaks and floor-robe lovers alike!


We’ve put together this handy guide so you can find out everything there is to know about organising that stock room or reclaiming the garage floor with Monster Racking shelving units from MonsterShop.

No matter the size of a room, adding just one rack with 4 or 5 shelves transforms the storage space and helps you have a good sort out. So if you wanna tidy up then get comfortable, we’ve got garage racking and warehouse shelving information to help choose a rack that’s going to do the job.


Top 3 useful thoughts to have before buying storage shelving


Organise Your Garage


Where’s it gonna go?

Measure the space because the size of the rack determines what you can put on each shelf. How many could you fit side by side, will you be able to reach everything, maybe they’ll sit against one wall or perhaps evenly spaced into rows to fill a room?

What am I going to put on them? 

Heavy products or light accessories, the shelf capacity differs depending on the type of racks. You might not have much stuff now but will the shelves fill up when you finally get round to organising the garage or as your business expands?

What’s my favourite colour?

Our metal racks are powder coated in blue, grey, black, blue & orange or even the simple but long lasting galvanised steel – depending on the size and make - whatever colour you go for they will definitely jazz up that gloomy garage.

So do you think you’re ready? Ready to choose some racking units that are going to store your stuff good and proper?! Here we go…



T is for Tough

T-Rax are the popular choice for racking units, holding up to 1400kg with strong T shaped locking mechanisms that can be fitted with the help of a rubber mallet - which comes free when you order three or more (except T-Rax 160cm wide).


T-Rax Metal Shelving Units

The 75cm wide T-Rax is perfect for compact spaces, standing at 150 cm high and 30cm deep, it would be ideal to help tidy up your office or garden shed. Just don’t underestimate this small but mighty shelving, when each MDF topped shelf can hold up to 150kg (that’s 750kg per racking unit).


T-Rax Boltless Shelving Units


If you’re looking for something bigger, but equally epic, then how about the 90cm wide T-Rax; which reach 180 cm high and 45cm deep. Apart from the obvious size difference, these storage shelves can hold way more weight, up to 280kg can be evenly distributed across each thick MDF topped shelf – giving each racking unit a massive capacity of 1400kg.


T-Rax Garage Racking Shelving


But if your space is in desperate need of a facelift and you’ve got a lot of stuff to store, our 120cm wide racks will be the best bet. Again holding 280kg per shelf and 1400kg per unit these extra large shelves are one of the largest Monster Racking units*. Available in 45cm or 60cm deep, all sizes stand at 180cm high with thick MDF topped shelves, to completely and utterly organise your garage or stock room.


*Up until recently, this was the largest T-Rax that money could buy… But you hollered and we listened (you might need to sit down for the next bit to avoid any fainting based injuries).


T-Rax Garage Racks & Shelving


Monster Racking can now proudly introduce the 160cm wide T-Rax – that’s 1 metre and 60 centimetres wide!

Shelving. Just. Got. Serious.

160cm wide and 60cm deep shelves standing at 180cm high will fit perfectly alongside your other T-Rax to create a mega shelving system in your warehouse, stock room or garage. Holding 265kg per shelf and 1325kg per unit, the shelf capacity might seem less than other T-Rax but the massive amount of shelving space available 100% makes up for it.


T-Rax Boltless Shelving Units


Maybe you’re looking for something that fits oh so perfectly into the corner of a room? Upgrade your T-Rax racking system and utilise every bit of that storage space, with a T-Rax bay which can do just that.


T-Rax Corner Shelving


With a 265kg capacity they’re just a little bit below the standard T-Rax 90cm & 120cm shelving but they’re just as TOUGH and not forgetting how beautiful they’d look in your warehouse, garage or office.


T-Rax Corner Racking


Assemble the matching T-Rax 90cm or 120cm shelves (45cm deep units will work best) alongside for a shelving system that looks as good as it does.
Fun fact: Buy the standard and corner racking in a bundle to get a bargain.


Whether you’re after the cold cobalt blue or sleek & simple black, the T-Rax garage shelves are strong enough to stand alone. To make the racks sit flush against each other and create extra support, you can use the T-Rax bay connectors to join them side by side - it’s the shelving equivalent of holding hands (so cute).


Galwix - Galvanised Greatness

Jazz up your office, workshop or garage with some simple racking units - and with two bays per pack you’re getting an absolute bargain!


Galwix Galvanised Racking


Galwix steel shelving bays look completely different to the other powder coated shelving units. But that’s okay, they’re made from tough stuff – galvanised steel to be exact, hot dipped in zinc to give it extra protection and make it last longer.

And when it comes down to it they’re quite similar to our T-Rax range…


Galwix Galvanised Shelving


With a T-Rax style connection these racks are just as TOUGH and measure 90cm wide, 180cm high. But it's that shorter depth of 30cm and a 175kg MDF topped shelf capacity which makes them unique, they’d be just great for storing accessories like plastic bins, cleaning equipment and stationary.

Don't forget there's two units per pack, cue so many possibilities for shelving & workbench arrangements!


Q is for Quick

Q-Rax shelving units are what DIY dreams are made of, not only are they fantastic QUALITY (so they’ll look great), they are QUICK to assemble. We’re still waiting for the call from Guinness Book of Records, but you could easily beat the time for the fastest flat pack assembly - thanks to the keyhole mechanism.


Q-Rax Racking Shelving Units


The 90cm wide Q-Rax would feel right at home in your garage, workshop or office helping you organise tools and equipment. Let’s be honest though, the 120cm wide Q-Rax are where it’s at. You can’t deny the largest Q-Rax of them all and its spacious shelves will help you find everything you need, all without tearing your hair out!


Q-Rax Metal Shelving Units


You’ll find both these racks are happiest when holding 200kg per shelf, either free standing or bolted side by side to create a super shelving system. Available in a light grey or cold cobalt blue - measuring at 50cm deep and 182.5cm high - they’re a smidge bigger than the T-Rax, giving you more space for storing stuff.


Q-Rax Boltless Garage Shelving


S is for Strong

S-Rax are one of the most recent additions to the Monster Racking family, n’awww! It might still be our baby but these STRONG racking units are far from puny – plus they look seriously snazzy with blue AND orange powder coated paint.


S-Rax Metal Storage Shelves


Four shelves might be one less than our other racking units but once they are evenly spaced (or arranged to suit your storage situation), this rack would be ideal for storing taller items that can’t fit in other shelving bays or as two gigantic workbenches.


S-Rax Metal Storage Racking


Don’t forget they’ve got the same TOUGH connection as our T-Rax range but measure a gigantic 150cm wide, 50cm deep and 180cm high - so whether you’re having a tidy up in the garage or just looking for somewhere to organise stock, there’ll be plenty of sturdy shelf space for all kinds of odds and ends.


Z is for…Zebra?

Just when you thought you’d made up your mind, we had to go and find (probably) THE best shelving units in the world - also known as our Z-Rax.


Z-Rack Garage Racking Unit


We’ve broken tradition a bit, because the Z doesn’t really stand for anything and it doesn’t need to (zebra was the first word that came to mind okay). The Z shaped shelf supports are way stronger than the flat supports of the T-Rax or Q-Rax, so each of the 5 shelves can hold a mahoosive 360kg.

If the giant 1800kg capacity isn’t enough, then just think about how fast you can build a Z-Rax using the keyhole mechanism, yep it’s got the QUICK interlocking system of the Q-Rax AND all the TOUGH of the T-Rax (if not more).


Z-Rax Boltless Easy Assembly Shelving


But if you're a bit of a perfectionist, we've got just the shelving unit for you! Take your Z-Rax shelving system to the next level and use up every single inch of that storage space, with a Z-Rax bay that fits perfectly into a corner.


Z-Rax Corner Shelving


The 265kg shelf capacity means they’re obviously not as strong as the standard Z-Rax 90cm shelving but who cares when they’re just as easy to assemble, and not to mention how satisfying they’ll look in the garage, workshop or stockroom (mmm perfection).


Z-Rax Corner Racking


Just arrange the matching Z-Rax 90cm shelves alongside for a shelving system that looks as good as it does. Top tip: You can even buy the corner and standard racking in a bundle to save a bit of cash.

Measuring up at 90cm wide, 45cm deep and 183cm high (check out the corner racks for more measurements) - they’re absolutely perfect for your stock room, tool shed or warehouse, with the same incredible QUALITY as the Q-Rax. What more could you ask for really?!


Top tips for remarkable racks


1) Try not to keep these shelves in a damp or humid environment because the MDF boards will (time) warp when hanging about in any kind of moisture – just give each board a lick of varnish or MDF sealer to help keep them looking lovely. 

2) The top, middle and bottom shelves have gotta stay put, to keep the racks stable, but you’re more than welcome to move the other two shelves up and down or take them out (with our 4 shelf S-Rax just the top and bottom will need to stay in place).


Racking & Shelving For Stock Rooms


3) Adding extra shelves to a racking unit will give you more space to put more stuff! But extra shelves doesn’t mean extra weight: let’s say you buy a T-Rax 90cm which comes with 5 shelves as standard, that’s 280kg per shelf and 1400kg per rack – adding two more shelves will decrease the weight capacity of each shelf to 200kg (1400kg divided by 7). The overall rack will still be able to hold 1400kg, so it all boils down to what you’re storing on the shelves.

4) Each rack can be split in half like a tasty KitKat to form two delicious workbenches, which are fab for workshops, garages and garden sheds – but sadly not edible. You’ll have loads of room to work on projects across the sturdy surface, plus the shelves underneath for handy storage.


Garage Workbench & Metal Racking


5) All our racking is free standing (we’ve got a load in our Monster warehouse) but if you want to make them even more stable you can bolt them together or get yourself some of the T-Rax bay connectors (only for T-Rax of course).

If you still can’t decide, have a little gander through the Racking & Shelving Bays category where you’ll find all the pictures, prices and more helpful info.

Or come on round to Monster House in York, North Yorkshire and have a nosey round our garage shelving & racking showroom.

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