Down to a Tee: Step One - Stand Out From The Crowd

So you’ve decided to make your own T-shirt company. Congrats. A T-shirt company can be a fulfilling, rewarding and creative way of spending your time and can bloom into a glorious business that makes mad paper.

In this series, we’ll be offering some handy advice on how to make your new venture a roaring success, starting with how to carve out a niche.

What’s your niche?

Finding your niche can be difficult, or it can come to you instantly. You may spot a gap in the market and be inspired to build a brand to satisfy this demand, or you may be enamoured with the idea of creating a T-shirt company but not be totally sure what direction you want to head in yet.

Do plenty of research into other T-shirt brands to find out what they are doing and how you could do it better. If you can’t find anything that’s similar – you’ve just found your niche.

Brands find a niche in a bunch of ways. Some brands take inspiration from expensive, luxury brands, and try to emulate them on a more affordable scale. Other brands make cheap and cheerful, disposable fashion that takes the form of T-shirts that someone may wear to a festival, for example. Others create a brand because they are looking for an avenue to promote their own design work or photography.

Another way of developing a niche is to try answer the following question:

Who do you want to wear your T-shirts?

Deciding what kind of person you’re targeting with your T-shirts is an important part of developing your brand and an effective way of finding your brand’s niche.

Knowing your ideal customer can help you decide where and how you want to advertise, the price point you are aiming to sell your T-shirt at, and ultimately what direction your brand is heading in.

What inspires you?

Every has favourite brands. Have a look through your wardrobe. Then have a look through your friends wardrobe (maybe ask first). Try and decide what you like about the T-shirts you find in there and make a list. By writing down what your T-shirt brand is trying to achieve, you may discover that you are the only person you’ve heard of that’s trying to achieve these exact things.

Ultimately, it’s up to you, but there’s one thing that all T-shirt brands have in common...

Sublimation and Vinyl Printing

Fun slogans that are cheap and cheerful? Serious apparel for menswear aficionados? Sports themed garments for fans of a particular club? Whatever your market, one key element of your business is good quality, reliable printing.

Sublimation printing and vinyl printing are two ways we recommend producing your T-shirts with the use of a heat press. Both these methods offer superior print quality that provides crisper, sharper results than screen printing.

We stock sublimation bundles that contain everything you’ll need for a successful T-shirt business, so if you’re looking to become the next big thing, MonsterShop have got your back.